A detailed briefing meeting is very important to ensure that we capture the role nuances and that we are well-armed to make an impact when presenting the opportunity. A thorough exchange of views from the start ensures clients’ expectation of candidates’ experience level, compensation and cultural / team fit will be met.

Research, Mapping, Sourcing & Tracking

We begin with a comprehensive database of candidates built up through our long-term mapping of the market. However, we do fresh research for every assignment - the high quality research that we conduct ourselves is the backbone of any search. We network vigorously through industry events and personal relationships, continuously growing our extensive current knowledge bank across distribution. We have a particular focus on knowledge of the ‘talent pipeline’ in the institutional market. If helpful, we are prepared to think and look outside the box and consider those candidates with transferable skills from associated industries and functions.

"Our longest client collaboration was formed in 1999, where we have since placed 22 people."

Interviews & Screening

Our candidate assessment is very thorough. We gather as much information as we can on candidates prior to our meeting with them; we interview candidates together and form strong collegiate views having debated any differences in our candidate assessment. We write a detailed profile on each candidate which provides insights into the candidate’s suitability for each role which cannot be gleaned from the CV alone. Where possible, we provide ‘informal’ referencing and endorsements at an early stage, often as a result of exclusive referrals.

Assignment Updates

We seek regular communication with our clients and continue to exchange views as each search assignment progresses. This collaborative approach ensures that issues or concerns are addressed as we go along and our clients are always aware of market intelligence / commentary and any tweaks to the brief that we believe are necessary to achieve a successful outcome.


Our proposed shortlist is presented to clients at a face-to-face meeting and the final shortlist is agreed for interview.


We coordinate the whole interview process through to completion with the utmost professionalism since we strongly believe in providing a relationship driven service to candidates as much as we do to our clients.

Negotiation, Closure & Placement

Our consultative process for both candidate and client is central to a successful outcome, particularly throughout the feedback, offer and acceptance phases. We are able to provide market trend and compensation information, on a confidential basis, to assist with this process. We give our clients a clear understanding of candidates’ expectations and what the key drivers are in their decision to join. We are known for our integrity in our dealings with all parties from the outset of the assignment to closure, with no delegation to juniors with less experience. Our interests are totally aligned with those of our clients. We are personally focused on each and every assignment, working in tandem, and this approach is deeply valued by our clients.

Ongoing Relationships

We maintain a dialogue with candidates and clients long after placement, not just for the duration of any one search, acting as a trusted adviser throughout the year, and taking time to understand any changes in client businesses and the industry in general, because we are genuinely interested in all things institutional.